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ARTICLE: The Perfect Halfmoon Form
02-09-2015, 02:02 PM
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ARTICLE: The Perfect Halfmoon Form
The Perfect Halfmoon Form
By: Victoria Stark & the Global Halfmoon Betta Breeders Club
Submitted: 12/23/2003

Halfmoon (HM) is the term given to bettas that have a perfect semi-circle caudal (i.e. tail)when flaring. Specifically, a halfmoon betta must have a caudal where both ends are exactly 180 degrees apart or more, spreading towards the front. Caudal edges have to be straight or curving outwards, and not bending inwards.


There are a few important things to strive for when breeding for a Halfmoon betta:

1.) Symmetry - the body line that cuts and seperates the caudal into

2.) Balance - the ability to draw an arc that begins from the caudal
and encompasses the dorsal and anal without hitting a snag.

3.) 180 degree caudal with straight and crisp edges.

Few people disagree with the above statements. The only area of
disagreement, or rather a difference in opinion exists in
the 'proportion',i.e. the caudal/body ratio.

When caudal/body is less than 1, you get an 'oval shape'(OS). But
when caudal=body or caudal/body is 1, you have a 'circle'(CS). The OS Halfmoons are good, but the CS Halfmoons are truly exceptional, and an excellent model to aspire to.

What to avoid

Just as there are positive things to look for when choosing or breeding for a Halfmoon, there are things to be avoided. Such as:

1.) Unequal fin rays in the caudal. This detracts from the otherwise 'smooth' arch in the HM form, and tends to look choppy or sloppy.

2.) Non straight caudal fin rays.

3.) Outermost caudal fins rays not at or near edge of caudal.

4.) Fringe (ray extensions) on the fins. Many of these have probably been interbred with the Crowntail form. There is a form called 'Half Sun' which incorporates the 180 degree caudal with the protruding fin rays, and these are very pretty! But not desireable in a Halfmoon.

5.) Dorsal that is thin and 'weak', not in keeping with the huge, sweeping HM form.

6.) all other undesirable traits associated with bettas: Crooked back, disproportionate fins, inactive disposition, poor form, poor color, color 'washes' in a solid color betta.
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