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New as a Betta Breeder
03-01-2017, 10:33 PM
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New as a Betta Breeder
Hi guys, I'm a Betta keeper currently and I'm thinking to move into the next step! Guess what?!! Oh yeah! It's BETTA BREEDER!

Honestly, I tried breed my bettas once and it ended up with my Male Betta hit and bite the Female Betta like hell. It was totally a disaster. Eventually I have no choice but to remove the Female and she was pretty hurt.

Can anyone here teach me what should i do from scratch?? Just trying to minimise the risk in the future.

Thank you and appreciate it.

Happy 2017!!! Smile
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04-01-2017, 11:37 PM
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RE: New as a Betta Breeder
Good. Nice to see the betta poison slowly "corrupting" you.. hahaha

It is best to condition your bettas well before spawning. This means giving good foods and frequently to your breeders daily for at least two weeks.

My method, I would let the female see the male during conditioning, increasing the frequency when closer to spawn time. This makes her more ready, and stimulates her egg production.

When it is time to put the male in the spawn tank, I would use the "well" method by placing the female in a see-thru container within the spawn tank. This would encourage the male to build a bubble nest, and make the female even more ready. Putting in ketapang leaves helps set the romantic mood for the couple, and the male will normally choose to build his bubble nest at a floating ketapang leaf. A submerged ketapang leaf or two also provides the female a hiding place before and after the actual courtship.

Generally, a female which is very ready to breed would be constantly at a 45 degree head down position. For a darkbodied female, she will display vertical bars on her body. Only release the female when you feel that both are ready to spawn. Male should have built a significant sized bubble nest, and flaring constantly in a displaying manner trying to impress the female.

I typically release the female either late evening (where they have limited daytime light to see each other), or early in the morning. This will give them an entire day to attempt spawning. Some pairs/or individuals like to spawn on the second day (after the one full day). Rarely do I have any spawning on third day, so I would recommend the pair be separated if nothing happens after the second full day together.

Do monitor your pair for any overly aggressive behaviour, for that may mean severe injury to one party. This normally happens if either of them are not ready for spawning, or the pairing is simply just incompatible.

Of course, each breeder has their own setup/style/preferences. You will have yours too. Smile Good luck and enjoy the experience.
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